Beyond The Title – A Year in Review 3.0

In the week when Beyond The Title reaches it’s third anniversary, I felt inspired to reprise the blog segment to look back at some of the amazing people we’ve met over the past twelve months. Indeed 2019 has been the year where I began my journey to become widely known throughout Britain as an entertainment writer and journalist and the 22nd of February was the perfect start to achieving this goal. Finding yourself at the top of the BBC homepage was a surreal experience and one that I’ll probably never forget. Yet it also stirred something in me and that I realised that I like receiving admiration for what I do and this is what I aim to pursue in the coming years.


The reason for my blogging absence is because I’ve been hard at work writing another book celebrating and documenting over forty of my favourite interviews from the past three years. So hopefully this article will wet your appetite for wanting to purchase a copy. If not then at least you wouldn’t have spent your hard earned cash on a load of crap! However for those of you who are interested I hope you’ll like the smorgasbord of celebrity insights which await you. Once again I have been overwhelmed by the calibre of people who have given up their precious time to be subjected to my frequently bizarre line of questioning and have each done it with the utmost joyful enthusiasm. So if you’re feeling brave, let’s relive the past twelve months in the life of Beyond The Title:


Stanley Johnson

Former MEP turned reality star Stanley Johnson gave me his take on Boris’s rise to fame just six months prior to him taking office and becoming Prime Minister.

Stella Duffy 

The celebrated author and performer reflected on her New Zealand upbringing. 


Tony Slattery 

The actor and comedian remembered his time spent with the legendary Peter Cook. 


Larry Lamb

For our Christmas issue the incomparable actor and broadcaster unpicked the magic of Gavin and Stacey.


Simon Greenall 

The comic actor and voice artist reflected on the beginnings of the famous felines from the Compare The Market adverts.


Krishnan Guru-Murthy

The journalist and broadcaster explained what makes Channel Four News so unique. 


Kenny Lynch

The legendary entertainer shared his memories of the late Cilla Black.

Edwina Currie

The former Health Minister reflected on the 1980’s salmonella outbreak. 


Dame Esther Rantzen 

The broadcasting titan reflected on the first ever BBC Children In Need. 


Julie Hesmondhalgh

The former Coronation Street actress told us of her huge privilege of playing a role in breaking down the barriers of the perception of transgender families in the 21st century.


Jon Snow

Channel Four News anchor revealed his brush with dictator Idi Amin. 


Paul Bradley

The celebrated actor told us about a remarkable lady called Esther who he met through his work with Comic Relief.


George Layton 

The legendary comedy actor told us about the beginnings of the ITV sitcom Doctor In The House.


Julian Dutton

The writer and comedian remembered Roy Hudd’s warm up prior to a recording of The News Huddlines.


Gordon Kennedy

The comedian and broadcaster recalled the development of The National Lottery. 


Vicki Michelle

The allo allo legend remembers her time on Noels House Party.


Jeffrey Holland

The sitcom stalwart reminisced about the core members which spawned three successful sitcoms


Robert Ross

The celebrated comedy historian analysed the tragic demise of Benny Hill 


Johnny Ball

The legendary entertainer waxed lyrical about his immense pride for daughter Zoe 


So there you have it, twelve months in the life of Beyond The Title condensed down into one pocket sized blog. Through the above interviews I have been able to obtain a clear representation of the British entertainment landscape in 2019 and what it takes to become supremely successful in any chosen discipline. I remain extremely grateful to the above subjects for giving up their time to take part in a short interview for my website and though not holding any weight within the industry, I feel very fortunate to be able to keep up this amazing standard. Now as we look forward to 2020 I can’t wait to see where Beyond The Title will take me next!