Doug Richards (Plastic Mermaids) – In Conversation

Doug Richards

Historically, I have never confessed to being on the cutting edge of new music and if you were to see my iTunes library then I think you’d agree. Yet I always remain very curious as to the complex process which it takes musicians to achieve nationwide fame. Gone are the days when it was acceptable to send tapes into John Peel at BBC Radio 1 in the vain hope that he would like it enough to play it on his nightly show. So today’s crop of hopefuls are left little option but to go it alone and hope that the relatively new art of social networking will hopefully gain them a following.

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Douglas Richards is the lead singer of the band, Plastic Mermaids who are hoping to become the next band to do just that and going by their presence on Twitter, nationwide acclaim is just around the corner. From an insulated barn at the bottom of the garden at the Richards’ former family home, musical inspiration is coming to life thanks to the songwriting talents of Doug himself. Everything is Yellow and Yellow is my least favourite colour is the title of the band’s third EP and so far this year Plastic Mermaids have played live on BBC 6 Music and are currently on a UK tour.

Having been inspired by the 1970’s Folk scene, Plastic Mermaids have a soft and melodic sound yet still maintain the anarchic style of a Rock band making them accessible to almost any audience. 

I really enjoyed catching up with Doug Richards and I’m looking forward to witnessing what’s next for Plastic Mermaids.

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