Glyn Taylor – In Conversation


Far from the fast paced life of national radio lies a relatively forgotten world. Many of us take for granted the ability to tune our radio to a specific frequency and receive the best in local news and entertainment. We may indeed go years, even decades, without even hearing a voice of local radio until that fateful winter’s day when a heavy snowfall is forecast and then we are reminded of the magic of this art form. Musician turned broadcaster Glyn Taylor has been a permanent fixture of Isle of Wight Radio’s afternoon show for the best part of two years and has created a pally rapport with the whole community.

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For Glyn, the magic of radio is knowing that as soon as that red light goes on, he can take the show in any direction he pleases. The ability to be totally unscripted means that he has the thrill of “flying by the seat of his pants” for three hours five days a week. He has no production crew, assistants or entourage to help him with the development of the show and so he remains a one man band. Therefore everything you hear on his show is solely down to Glyn. He’s able to make the show sound very local by taking about both the benefits and disadvantages of living on the Isle of Wight. So if there’s annoying traffic lights coming into Newport or roadworks on the way to work, then that’s exactly what he’ll be talking about.


As a radio presenter, one of your main aims is to unite your audience and by discussing things that matter to them makes them identify with you and your show and by making the show appear very local means that it’s part of the community. Glyn is the perfect candidate to figurehead this as, with no desire to use a cliche, he is a man of the people and his listeners love him for it.


Glyn’s musical connections don’t just stop at the radio studio. As bassist for local band Blonde Bombshell, he’s also experienced life from the other side of the microphone. Before forming Blonde Bombshell with ??? Wood and ??? Dove, Glyn hadn’t played a musical instrument for over eight years. Yet when a bassist was required to make the new band complete, Glyn was happy to dust off his drumsticks and rediscover his love for performing. Today Blonde Bombshell goes from strength to strength and is always a firm favourite at The Anchor Inn in Cowes.

It was great to spend the morning with Glyn and I wish him every success with both his music and broadcasting career.

The Blonde Bombshell are playing tonight at The Anchor in Cowes at 21:00, it should be a great night if you like live music and entertainment.