Phil Reid – On The Spot

Throughout history, the city of Liverpool has been the spiritual home of some of Britain’s greatest entertainers. Whether it’s Doddy, Tarbuck, Cilla or more recently,John Bishop, the Scouse humour is something that appeals to the whole country. In a survey from the early 2000s, Liverpudlians were voted as the most popular accent in Britain proving that people will always welcome the soft scouse lilt into their homes night after night. The latest scouser hoping to do just that is the stand up comic Phil Reid who is currently touring the country with The Joke Comedy Club organised by the comedian Miles Crawford.

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Being witness to his act, you quickly realise that Phil Reid isn’t just a stand up comic, he’s also a very accomplished ventriloquist. Like Nina Conti, he has several different masks which he can bring out and place on unsuspecting members of the audience. Juicy Lucy is one of his most popular characters, especially when the mask is placed on a rowdy guy who then gets taken down a peg or two by Reid’s quick thinking wit. Oh the subject of hecklers, Phil Reid is in an elite group of comics who have the ability to make responding to heckles into an artform – in fact, he encourages it. Although he obviously has carefully written material which he is able to perform, he’s constantly on the lookout for what’s going on in the audience and tries to echo it within his routine.


Going into his third year as a professional comedian, Reid has already shared the stage with some of his comedy heroes including Jason Manford, Joel Dommet and his idol Tim Vine. It’s obvious that this is the world he loves and he is just happy to continue gigging around Britain enjoying the buzz of a live audience and meeting the most amazing people. It was a pleasure meeting the incomparable Phil Reid and wish him all the very best for his future career in comedy.