Isle of Wight Ukraine Fundraising Event

Barton Manor & Medina Bookshop Ukrainian Fundraising Event

All over the world, there seems to be a collective sense of defiance in light of the abhorrent chaos in Ukraine as it continues to be subjected to Putin’s dictatorial regime. Yet once again, where there is a need for charity, the people of Britain are eager to lend a hand to stand together with the war torn nation and in every corner of the British isles, people are doing their bit. 

Barton Manor, the former East Cowes home of legendary music impresario Robert Stigwood is no stranger to historic and defining moments but between 6 and 8pm on Saturday 30th April, in association with Medina Bookshop, current owners Dawn and Alex Haig-Thomas of Barton Manor will be hosting an evening of drinks, canapes, charity and insight, with proceeds going to the Ukrainian Appeal.  Canapés with a Ukrainian twist will be served by the highly acclaimed team at ‘All About Catering’ and guests will be treated to a short piano performance by acclaimed Island Pianist, Tom Nuckley.

Proceeds will go to the charity MAD-Aid, which is based in East Cowes and has been sending shipments out to Ukrainian refugees in Moldova with the support of Red Funnel.  The founder Victoria Dunford BEM has organised nine shipments so far of essential items donated by islanders.  With an estimated 400,000 people fleeing Ukraine into the Republic of Moldova, there is still great need for further assistance.  Victoria will share her insights followed by Stephan Roman the author of ‘Isle and Empires – Romanov Russia, Britain and the Isle of Wight’ who will provide some historical context and give a short account of his grandparents fleeing the tyranny of Russia through Ukraine exactly 100 years ago.

Tickets are £25 and can be purchased at: Barton Manor & Medina Bookshop Ukrainian Fundraising Event – Medina Book Shop. The evening which takes place from 6pm until 8pm on Saturday 30th April also includes a raffle with prizes being donated by both Island residents and businesses. After two years where it seemed like the world stood still, it’s great to be able to take part in a live shared experience once again and in aid of a good cause. So together let’s all partake in the shared experience of community as we come together to understand and appreciate the full extent of the war in Ukraine.

While the world finds itself in a state of chaos and unrest, we can draw some solace and consistency from the great people of Britain who are always willing to fight for peace. It’s clear that we can’t rid the world of its political and social pitfalls which remain at the heart of each and every conflict. Yet by using the power of education and insight to highlight the grave atrocities taking place, it makes the clear statement that hate shall never win and peace will forever prevail.