Mike Dixon – Turn Around and Take a Bow – Another Conversation

The Coronavirus lockdown of 2020 offered people the opportunity to pause and take stock of their frequently hectic lives. Many took this as a break from the strains and struggles of modernity as they suddenly became acclimatised to a more laid back lifestyle. For award winning musical director Mike Dixon, such reflection took on an extra personal meaning in light of his victorious battle with cancer in 2018 as he began to have a totally different perspective of the sacrality of life. He realised that he wanted to leave a tangible testimonial behind for his two daughters and their families as a record of what he had done with his life. Therefore he started to work on a memoir about his early life in Plymouth and little stories of his career. However, as soon as he started putting pen to paper, Mike realised that this project had far more potential than merely part of the Dixon family archives.

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Turn Around And Take a Bow is a wonderfully honest and powerful story of how passion, dedication and talent can empower you to follow your own dreams and rise to the very top of your chosen profession. Mike Dixon may not be a household name yet his cv and musical repertoire rivals any global superstar. For the best part of a decade, I’ve had the enormous honour to get to know the musical maestro through the many different interviews with him for various different projects. On meeting Mike you might never guess his career or status within the live music circuit as he remains extremely humble and modest surrounding his vast achievements. However, as soon as he starts to share stories and anecdotes from his unparalleled forty years in the business, you then realise that you are in fact in the presence of greatness. This is the feeling that I hope the reader will glean from his autobiography.

Normally I would expand upon my subjects’ vast achievements in a celebratory article but that would somewhat defeat the objective of marketing the book. Instead it would suffice to say that if you’re a fan of musical theatre, live entertainment or classic Saturday night television then this is the book for you. Turn Around And Take a Bow is published by Troubadour on the 28th June 2022 and available in all reputable outlets. As for Mike, he remains excited about the future and already has a few TV roles lined up for next year so it’s quite clear that the famous baton shall keep moving for many years to come. It’s always a pleasure to have the wonderfully talented Mike Dixon on the podcast and wish him much success with this triumphant autobiography.

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