Miles Jupp – In Conversation

The writer and comedian Miles Jupp shall forever occupy a special place in the development of Beyond The Title as he was the first subject to grace the podcast in September 2016 when he was performing the most southerly leg of his nationwide tour Songs of Freedom at Medina Theatre on the Isle of Wight. This was the second time that the introverted performer had played the Island and having taken a break from Stand Up to concentrate on his blossoming TV career, Jupp was relieved to return to his performing roots. Now, five years later and to both celebrate the release of his new novel History together with the fifth anniversary of Beyond The Title, Miles Jupp returns to catch up on the vast achievements he’s racked up since we last met.

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In 2018 Miles stepped into the relatively uncharted territory of a period drama when he secured a cameo in the critically acclaimed Netflix series The Crown. Being merely a supporting character in the guise of political aid Humphrey, Jupp felt no responsibility in being truthful to historical context as having such a slight role in just one episode, he was simply serving a purpose. However, he remains extremely proud to have been a small part of a highly successful drama series which helped to expand the popularity of Netflix and in turn increased the interest in the Royal family.


Acting roles kept coming and later in 2018 Miles was cast as Basil alongside Keeley Hawes in the gentle ITV Sunday night drama series The Durrells. This was the first time that the comedian had secured a regular part in a TV drama and offered him the opportunity to flex his acting prowess. Being in a TV production such as this was a complete revelation for Jupp who was still a relative newcomer to the straight acting world and was completely different to a studio sitcom like Rev which he had enjoyed so much success with over a decade ago. Yet the warm reception that he received by both cast and crew made The Durrells one of the best experiences of his career and couldn’t wait to return to Corfu for two consecutive summers. By the way he talks about his fondness for the series, it would seem that The Durrells was equally as loved by the people making it just as it was by the television audience at home. The secret to a successful series.


Beyond comedy and acting, Miles has also dabbled in literature. His first book Fibber In The Heat was released in 2012 and is essentially a love letter to the world of cricket featuring ramblings about his lifelong desire to meet cricket legends David Gower and Nasser Hussain. The book was a huge success for Miles and was shortlisted for William Hill’s Sports Book of the Year which was testimony to the writing style and imagination of Jupp himself. Following this success, it would be reasonable to think that he would have had another manuscript on the horizon. Yet with his television and radio commitments combined with making his National Theatre debut, Miles would be excused from taking a break from literature.


His brand new novel History which was released on Thursday 19th August, tells the story of Clive Hapgood; a school teacher approaching middle age who has desires to break free from his mundane life and embark upon a new adventure. However, he quickly learns that the grass may not always be greener on the other side which forces him to go on a journey of discovery. As with most of Miles Jupp’s work, History is stuffed full with comedic moments together with touching and emotional elements which helps the story breathe. A quintessentially British caper layered with incredibly well observed nuances attributed to the British class system. History is available to purchase at all reputable book outlets including online and if you like a carefully nurtured comedy novel then you won’t be let down.


With some major television drama roles in the pipeline, Miles Jupp shows no signs of slowing down and it’s great to see his star continuing to shine. When we first met five years ago, it was impossible to know what the future would hold for either of us. From stand up comedy to one of Britain’s most versatile television character actors, it’s been inspiring to chart Miles’ journey through entertainment and for him to return to Beyond The Title to celebrate our fifth anniversary means so much to me. A big thank you to him and indeed everyone who has given up their time to feature on Beyond The Title – to me you’re all superstars. And finally, thanks to everyone for listening, watching and reading the podcasts throughout the five years. Make sure you get your tickets to Beyond The Title Live.