Brendan Murphy – In Conversation

So, what’s it like being a jobbing performer and comedian in 2024? Negotiating your way through the frequently crowded world of live comedy takes a level of determination, stamina and skill which not many possess. Yet those who do, can expect a lifetime of success, gratification and more importantly, laughter as they make their way through the cutthroat world of the comedy circuit. One such performer who has conquered this is the writer and comedian Brendan Murphy.

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Inspired by American comedy heavyweights Leslie Nielsen and Jim Carey, Brendan thrived upon surreal slapstick and this formed the basis of his early comedy awakening. Making his professional debut as a child in a theatrical adaptation of Oliver, Brendan had found his true calling and with the unwavering support of his mother, he was firmly on the road to entertainment. Having been blessed with an innate ability to entertain from a young age, whether it was putting on performances for his parents or joining the chorus for amateur dramatic performances, Brendan was a self proclaimed “show-off” and there was little question of him doing anything else.


His American cultural influences would grow more intense as the years progressed. The nineties was the decade when US imports ruled the British television schedule with a plethora of comedy designed for the teenage demographic. Arguably, this was the last era to benefit from the universal television experience and TV was still something that united families. Friends became one of those shows that was watched by the entire teenage generation and to miss an episode became a huge problem in the school playground the next day. Many of these themes have formed the basis of Brendan’s live act and his two solo shows have surrounded themes of American culture. The first being Friend: The One With Gunther alongside the actor Joseph Maudsley which won critical acclaim worldwide. He followed this up with the 2022  Edinburgh Fringe show Buffy: Revamped which took a satirical glance at the cult of this nineties phenomenon starring Sarah Michelle-Gellar and Anthony Head.


Beyond comedy, Brendan is one of Britain’s leading voice actors with a repertoire of television advertisements under his belt. Lending his voice to advertising campaigns is something he’s always happy to do as it’s totally separate from the world of comedy, although these two worlds have previously collided when Brendan voiced the continuity idents for Cartoon Network. This anonymity has given him the opportunity to further his comedy career despite having one of the most recognisable voices in the country which he thrives upon. It’s rather unique to be recognised just by your voice and this has happened to Brendan on several occasions. He’s simply a born communicator with a clear and trained voice which has been honed throughout the years and this is a testament of an extremely skilled and accomplished performer. It was an absolute pleasure to welcome the multi-talented Brendan Murphy to Beyond The Title and I’m excited to see where his entertainment journey shall take him next!