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It’s quite evident that 2020 has put harrowing limitations on our lives which very few have ever experienced and the devastating impact that the Coronavirus has had on the international entertainment scene has left the industry under a black cloud of doubt as we wait for the delivery of the sacred vaccine. Earlier this year I documented and explored the entertainment industry’s reaction to the substantial restrictions which we find ourselves in. Yet while big corporations juggled the pressing issue of social distancing, a minor revolution was taking place within the homes of many of Britain’s brightest young stars throughout the country and with a little help from Social Media, transformed their bedrooms into the world’s greatest stage.

Actor and singer Meg Dixon graduated from the East 15 Acting School in 2020 with a BA in Acting and Community Theatre studies. While normally there would be a whole host of opportunities for a highly talented and skilled performer to showcase their born talent, Meg has unfortunately witnessed a potentially devastating start to what promises to be an unprecedented career in the Arts. Such a devastating situation would have perhaps encouraged others to rethink this entertainment career path. Yet for Meg, this was never an option and when you’re locked down with a dad who happens to be West End legend Mike Dixon, you start to realise that you have choices. 

Sunday Lockdown With Meg premiered on Social Media when it seemed like the world had stopped turning and there weren’t many reasons to feel positive about life. Responding to followers’ requests, the Dixon family partnership created the perfect formula to bring some much needed joy and positivity to lockdown. Performing iconic show tunes interspersed with more contemporary songs accompanied by Mike on the piano, became much needed escapism for the constant threat of COVID-19. So while the world has been held in abeyance, Meg has been busy adding to her repertoire and entertaining her Social Media audience with her interpretation of some theatrical classics.

Incredibly this isn’t Meg’s only triumph of 2020 as her first EP, with the same title as her Instagram series, is due to be released on Monday 14th December and available on Spotify, Amazon Music and all streaming services. Sunday Lockdown With Meg aims to launch this bright young performer onto the international music scene in what has been an unprecedented year for the Arts. For more information on the EP and Meg’s career please visit her website at 

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Beyond song, Meg is also a founding member of the multi discipline theatrical group Perfect Strangers Theatre who create and perform thought provoking pieces on pressing issues facing modern Britain. Themes of anxiety, mental health and the pandemic itself dominate the content of this groundbreaking company. Over the past few months the country has grown tired of Zoom generated content which has tainted our favourite television shows. However by embracing and celebrating the changing ways in which humans communicate, makes a natural statement about the need for human contact in 2020. With so much potential for content and unlimited scope for storytelling, it’s exciting to see where Perfect Strangers will go next and in turn provide the perfect accompaniment for Meg’s musical career.

During my four years of Beyond The Title, I have been lucky enough to interview and chart significant figures at the very top of their industry and thus have become a shorthanded symbol of their craft. Yet occasionally it proves extremely refreshing to celebrate the achievements of a subject right at the very beginning of their journey through entertainment. Whether it’s drama, musical theatre or song, Meg Dixon’s star is already shining bright and I’m really looking forward to seeing her continuing to glisten.

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