The Interviews

Ever since I can remember, I’ve always been fascinated with the diverse and enigmatic world of British entertainment and the following subjects encapsulate the full breadth of the arts and explores their lives in a way that you will never have heard before.

There’s nothing I like more than sitting down in front of television to feast on showbiz at its very best. Having Cerebral Palsy, I could never imagine walking out on a massive stage to a packed studio of people, not forgetting the millions watching from the comfort of their sofa. This has increased my utter admiration for those who can do just that and even if I can’t emulate them, I can at least attempt to understand what gives them the power to do what they do.


When I was eleven years old, the great Michael Parkinson returned to BBC1 after a sixteen year hiatus and this was the first time that I had watched a straight talking chat show. Even at such a tender age I recall how strange it was to see celebrities I knew well in a completely different setting and being asked for honesty. In later years, Parkinson revealed that his interviews as a whole, chart the changing face of Hollywood and society’s attitude towards the celebrity phenomenon. This got me thinking: I wonder if I can gather a collection of interviews and if so what would they say as a whole? What would they reveal about the industry? And how do twenty first century stars shape up to the figures of the past? It was a mammoth task but from the above examples, only you will be able to tell if it’s paid off!


We’ve been all over Britain meeting the loveliest people in entertainment, all with remarkable lives, fascinating stories and a wonderful sense of humility about who they are. We just hope you like listening to them as much as we did making them! So please comment and share on social media and put your feet up, relax and delve into the lives of some familiar faces…