18th January 2019

Early 2019 TV Highlights

As the dust settles on 2019, our attention turns to the treats and surprises that the new year will bring and for our television viewing, that’s no exception. Yet with so much selection, it’s sometimes difficult to know what to watch, but with Beyond The Title’s definitive guide to the year in TV, you’ll be able to make sense of that daunting planner in front of you. Once again, with the steady influx of online streaming services, television content is more accessible than ever and this demand has revolutionised the way that we consume entertainment. Still, the following TV examples echo this change as we look forward to what promises to be a bumper twelve months for British television.

Line of Duty

Returning for an incredible fifth series, the police anti-corruption unit AC-12 is back with even more corruption than ever before. The series will finally answer questions surrounding Roz Huntley’s activities and the identity of the murderous Balaclava Man. With all cast members already confirmed to return, domestic storylines are set to continue and although writer Jed Merculio is reluctant to reveal too much, he did tell The Guardian “I never want to let it just rumble on, and then end unexpectedly with all the threads hanging”.

The series is set to return in February.

Cold Feet

Mike Bullen’s hugely popular bittersweet comedy drama returns for a staggering eighth series surrounding the trials and tribulations of five close friends. Now in its twenty second year, there’s still an ever-growing interest in the sometimes bizarre and entangled lives of Adam, Pete, Jenny, Karen and David. In this series, Jenny receives some health related news which shocks the group to the core. In a recent interview Fay Ripley (who plays Jenny) told the Radio Times she “was determined to get it right for others who have suffered”.

Cold Feet airs Mondays at 9pm on ITV.

This Time With Alan Partridge

Steve Coogan’s frequently deluded alter-ego makes a long awaited return to the BBC with a live current affairs programme loosely based on The One Show. Written by Coogan and his recent collaborators on Sky Atlantic’s Mid Morning Matters, Neil and Rob Gibbons, this series aims to put Alan firmly back on the TV map and make him one of the BBC’s most trusted broadcasters. What could possibly go wrong?

This Time With Alan Partridge comes to BBC1 in February.

Gentleman Jack

From the writer and creator of BBC One’s Happy Valley Sally Wainwright, comes a remarkable tale of life and love in the 19th century charting the life of wealthy Yorkshire landowner Anne Jones and her struggle with her sexuality. Suranne Jones gives another stellar performance as the woman who charmed her way into high society to follow her plight to marry someone of the same sex.

Gentleman Jack is set to air on BBC1 in spring 2019.


The original island reality show returns to E4 after a seven year hiatus and will follow the format of two competing islands of Sharks and Tigers. Each week the residents of both islands will welcome new recruits who will spend a few days on both islands before making the all important decision of where to reside for the remainder of the series. The island which is the most populated wins the series. It won’t win many Baftas but has been proven to cure even the worst of hangovers!

Shipwrecked returns to E4 soon.

So there you have it, my definitive guide to the programmes to look out for in 2019. If you don’t agree with my selection then there’s a whole host of other tantalising television coming your way either on TV or online streaming services. There’s no doubt that the days of booming television ratings for an individual programme are clearly over and it’s not likely that mainstream television will ever see the dizzy heights of 29 million for The Morecambe and Wise Show. Yet what I hope the above examples illustrate is that television still has the power to get Britain talking and while there’s still excitement and anticipation for our favourite shows, television might just be here to stay. Long live that box in the corner!

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