23rd March 2018

Standing Up For Live Comedy

For those of you who have been following Beyond The Title since the very beginning might have realised that a lot of my interviews come from those performers who are on tour throughout Britain. In an age when the entertainment industry is constantly scrutinised for past wrongdoings of powerful predecessors, it’s very easy to tarnish all entertainers with the same brush of being over, workshy figures of public affection. Yet the reality is that Stand Up comics are some of the busiest people in entertainment and consistently play to different audiences night after night. So as a tribute to these hardworking joke machines, here’s my top five stand up comedians soon to be performing at a venue near you.

Jon Richardson – Old Man

Guaranteed to be sprinkled with lashings of śynicism, Jon Richardson is definitely a comic who you can both laugh at and with. The OCD riddled team captain on Channel Four’s Eight Out Of Ten Cats has developed a reputation for being an overtly proud anorak which frequently makes him the subject of mockery by fellow Cats regulars Jimmy Carr and Sean Lock. If you’re easily irritated by the small things in life then this is just us your street!

John Bishop – Winging It

Slowly becoming a national treasure, John Bishop follows a long line of celebrated northern comics who despite fame and wealth have that magic ability to maintain their humility. Coming to comedy late in life, Bishop is able to use his experiences of the mundane to full comedic potential. Witnessing Bishop in his full pomp could be compared to going for a drink with a good mate at the local as he puts everyone at ease. Is there a better way to spend £20 on a night out?

Michael McIntyre’s Big World Tour

From Saturday night to every night, the hardest working man in Comedy is back on tour. Exaggerating and dissecting patterns of social etiquette, McIntyre’s style celebrates and satirises his middle class values. From eccentric holiday behaviour to attempting to fathom children’s logic, McIntyre uses his own experiences for his hilarious material. If you’re looking for a slick and versatile comedian then look no further!

Shappi Khorsandi – Mistress and Missfit

Fresh from last year’s I’m a Celebrity, Shappi returns to the stage for this brand new show celebrating middle age and all its benefits. A mother of small children, Shappi has a great interest in how kids see the world and has the comedic ability to turn it on its head for full effect. At a time when gender is hot topic on political agenda, Shappi is flying the flag for funny women.

Sarah Millican – Control Enthusiast

The soft spoken seamstress from North Shields is back on the road for her brand new show. With that soft northern lilt, Sarah is able to make the filthiest material seem suitably pleasant which results in hilarious moments mostly involving sexual acts. After decades of aggressive comedy being the most popular funny genre, it’s so refreshing to find a nice comedian who you would actually share a pot of tea with.


And there you have it! If you follow this guide and are lucky enough to see any of the above comedy giants in the flesh then you’re in store for a splattering of belly laughs and hysteria. Yet beyond that, by attending high profile events such as this, you’re also doing your own bit to keep live entertainment thriving so that we can continue to appreciate our favourite comics in a live arena tour for many years to come. Let’s keep watching!

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