12th September 2016

Following The Money -The Live Launch

If you’re a fan of British television and the Arts, then a ticket for this event is an absolute must! Get ready to revel in an era of a time gone by with just three television channels, variety stars ruling the airwaves and Cliff was Number 1! The songs, the stars and the shows; all will be displayed and discussed in this exclusive evening of entertainment.
Two years of work, hundreds of hours of interviews with household names like Jimmy Tarbuck, Michael Grade and Nicholas Parsons, and the support of the British Film Institute are to culminate in the launch of a fascinating radio documentary.

The story of television light entertainment in the UK has been told many times but now comes a new slant on an old story. By ‘following the money’ and charting the ebbing fortunes of the showbiz dynasties that ruled the roost, we can shine a light onto the fascinating, lesser known sub-plot featuring the Svengali-like showmen that dictated what the viewing nation would watch and decided which talents would become household names.

Simon Cowell has a lot to be thankful for in the foundations that were laid back in the 1960s!
It’s a story that stretches between the Music Hall and the Movie screen but is centred on the home screen during the period that saw the end of the BBC monopoly, the birth of ITV and the irresistible rise of a new showbiz royalty with a controlling interest in all aspects of a newly emerging, dynamic industry.

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